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Category: Thoughts

  • So what do you think

    What is your favorite restaurant? IF you prefer the unhealthy stuff as It does taste the best! You will have to answer the following questions. Questions and Answers 5 Do you like eating in restaurants? A. Yes B. No, they’re boring C. Sometimes A. Definitely B. Not really C. Sometimes A. Yes B. Not at…

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  • Alhamdullah

    I discovered that I have alot of things that I should be thankful for. I think I caught sthg causing me a sore throart. When I think of it and How fragile the human being can be, I thank Allah alot for giving me “the selfdestructive one” these gifts such as health which is priceless…

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  • Problem solved

    Here we go with the first chapter of our story. I hope it would be suspenful and full of joy and happiness. So I’ve been facing a dilemma these couple of days trying to setup wordpress database but I was facing a problem that my network connection can’t be established. I’ve tried almost everything then…

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